Deciding to become a forensic anthropologist is not an easy choice. After all, it is not an easy course and making it your official career is not about walking in the park either. In today’s world wherein specialization is the key, it is not at all surprising that even the field of forensic anthropology is affected. Yup, if doctors have so many fields – there are cardiologists for the heart, neurologists for the brain, pulmonologist for the respiratory system then guess what, the same is true in the field of forensic anthropology. No wonder there are many academic degree choices out there for this field and the list is getting longer and longer.

The question is what are the top forensic anthropology (FA) degrees available? Here are some of the most popular ones that are offered in the top colleges in the United States.

Do you want to act like the people in CSI who are using research to capture killers and murderers? If you think that a gun is the best way to catch bad guys then you better think again. Who would have thought that instead of a police station, the laboratory is in fact one of the most useful rooms in order to catch a crime? Thankfully, prestigious colleges such as the George Washington University offer a FA degree in crime scene investigation. If you think that you have what it takes to catch the bad guys, then this degree is definitely for you.

Maybe you are more of a lab person and chemistry was your favorite subject even way back in high school. Perhaps you memorized the periodic table of elements. If that is the case, then perhaps you should consider a FA degree in forensic chemistry. Other people may try to shy away from this course but for people who like to deal with chemical composition of things, this course is just perfect. The evidence gathered here is also proven to be most helpful in investigations.

What Are The Top Forensic Anthropology Degrees Available?

Or perhaps you are more into living things than chemicals. Biology was your favorite subject in school. Then why not get a FA degree in forensic molecular biology. You must have attention to detail and keen eyes. For people like yourself; forensic molecular biology must be the most exciting degree in the field of forensic biology.

For people who are techie in a lot of ways – they spend hours in front of the computer and they always want to have the most high tech gadget that they can keep their eyes on. Well, you won’t be as high tech as James Bond but you can get a FA degree in high technology crime investigation. Computer forensics is also another degree that is worth considering if you would like to deal with high tech things and gadgets.

These are just some of the many forensic anthropology degree choices out there. More courses are bound emerge as the course gains popularity.