Becoming a forensic anthropologist is no easy path. It is not a short or fast road either. In fact, in most cases, it takes over a decade for one to finally be recognized as one. That is why a person aspiring to become one has to be prepared in many aspects. First would be mentally. You can be sure that it is a mentally taxing job. You have to read what feels like millions of pages of a book. You have to go to school even when you feel that you are already too old for it. You have to spend countless of hours in the laboratory – time that you can use sleeping or having fun with your friends. It can also prove to be a challenge for your stomach. After all, you are dealing with dead bodies and you are lucky if they are not yet in the state of decay. Last, you also have to be financially prepared. Going to school for 10 years is no joke and that includes your pocket. Remember, you have to go beyond a bachelor’s degree. You also need to get your masters and a PhD after that. So prepare your bank account now and if you feel that you will never be able to afford it, and then why not look into some scholarships for yourself?

There are several institutions that offer scholarships for forensic anthropology degree courses. To begin with, the Department of Homeland Security gives a scholarship to both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to study forensic sciences and that include forensic anthropology. Students who wish to apply and get the benefits merely have to submit their scholarship application on January. By March, they will find out whether or not they made the cut. Application is in fact very easy and simple. They just have to submit it online via the DHS website. Remember to prepare your transcript of records as well as your birth certificate since these are necessary documents that they will ask for.

Another institution that offers such scholarships will be The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners. They give $1000 scholarship to students who perform very well in school. That is the reason why students who wish to make good use of this scholarship must be the cream of the crop and they must continuously prove themselves on a yearly basis. Hence, they have to submit or resubmit their application every year during the month of April. Again, everything is website-based. Because the scholarship is based on merit, the transcript of records must be sent along with other necessary information.

The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation is yet another source of scholarships available for the aspiring forensic anthropologists out there. They only offer scholarship to students associated with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences or the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. This is also merit-based and so students must perform well in school too.