Are you looking for forensic anthropology colleges? The fact that you are reading this, I bet you are. Chances are; you have already done your research and that you know for a fact that what happens in the lives of forensic anthropologists in the TV shows and movies are far from reality. Everything seems so easy and every mystery can be resolved in just a matter of hours or even minutes! In reality, that is not really the case. In fact, the forensic anthropology career is not an easy one. You cannot just apply in some lab to be a forensic anthropologist. You need to be backed up with the right personality, skills set, good character and a very good education. Hence, it is not enough to just complete your college. You must be a graduate of one of the best colleges in the country. Believe me, there are only a handful of them.

So what are the top colleges that offer the best forensic anthropology degree programs? These colleges are rare. Finding the best ones are even rarer. Naturally, getting into one of them will post as a big challenge, considering the growing number of students who want to make a career out of this field. Well, if you are really determined to take this path, you must start your journey now by finding out the colleges and universities that you should aim to go to and why.

The George Washington University in Washington DC is one of the top forensic colleges in the United States. In fact, its programs are known to be premier in the country. If you see yourself working for the FBI, the Department of Defense or any other federal agency, then this is definitely a school that you should consider. The degree programs in the Washington University specializes on crime scene investigation, forensic chemistry, molecular biology, forensic toxicology and recently, a new course called the high technology crime investigation opened. This school is premier in every way.

The second college that you really have to consider when looking for a school; can be found in Huntington West Virginia. It is called Marshall University. Unlike the George Washington University, its degrees focus mainly on DNA analysis, computer forensics and crime scene investigation. What is so great about this college is the fact that students have access to one of the most complete and impressive laboratories in the country. Talk about hands on practice.

The Michigan State University in East Lansing Michigan is also one of the most famous forensic anthropology colleges in the country. The school itself is strategically located inside the department of criminal justice. It focuses on forensic biology, forensic anthropology and forensic chemistry. It is known to be one of the most high tech forensic anthropology colleges in the country. It is very easy to get an on-job-training as a student of this University.